Maximum Heart Rate Calculator (HRmax)

Estimate Your Maximum Heart Rate Based on Age, Weight and Gender

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

With our HRmax Calculator you can estimate your maximum heart rate based on age, height, and weight. Knowing your own maximum heart rate is important in your own personal exercise training. It is also of great importance for exercise stress testing to uncover cardiovascular disease. Our calculator will only give a rough estimate, and we also give recommendations on how to find your real maximum heart rate with an exhaustive exercise test.

Use this calculator to estimate your maximum heart rate based on age, height, weight, and beta blocker usage.

Important Information

Maximum heart rate (HRmax) is an important tool to uncover cardiovascular disease. During stress testing, age-expected maximum heart rate is used as a guideline for when the test should be concluded. If the test is finished before the load is high enough, you risk not detecting subclinical heart disease. Therefore, it is of great clinical relevance to have a way to accurately estimate HRmax.

The traditional formula for determining HRmax is "220 minus age", but it can underestimate HRmax by up to 40 beats per minute in seniors. This method is inaccurate starting at an age of 30–40 years, and it becomes more inaccurate the older you are.

In The HUNT Fitness Study, accurate maximum heart rate was measured in 3,320 healthy adults aged between 19 and 89. Based on these tests, a new formula was developed to estimate maximum heart rate far more accurately than "220 minus age". The HRmax Calculator uses this formula: "211 - 0.64 * age".

Maximum Heart Rate and Beta Blockers

Our HRmax Calculator asks you to check a box if you use beta blockers. Beta blockers bind to adrenaline receptors and block access for adrenaline molecules. Adrenaline causes the heart to pump both harder and faster, so beta blockers reduce the maximum heart rate. The magnitude of the reduction depends on the dosage, so we recommend that you test yourself to find an exact HRmax.

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