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Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Norwegian 4x4 Protocol

Dr. Patrick primarily focuses on methods and possibilities for slowing down aging or preventing heart diseases.

HIIT for Marathon Runners: Can It Improve Race Time?

Integrating High-Intensity Interval Training into Marathon Training.

What is Norwegian 4x4 Rowing?

An in-depth look into the rowing aspect of the Norwegian 4x4 Protocol.

How Often to Perform Norwegian 4x4 Training?

An in-depth look into the rowing aspect of the Norwegian 4x4 Protocol.

Top 10 HIIT Exercises to Boost Your Fitness

Explore the most effective HIIT exercises to elevate your fitness.

The Ultimate Guide to Norwegian 4x4 Workouts

Everything you need to know about Norwegian 4x4 Workouts.

Apple iOS Mobile App Review

An in-depth review of the Norwegian 4x4 Protocol Apple iOS Mobile App.

Apple Android Mobile App Review

A detailed review of the Norwegian 4x4 Protocol Apple Android Mobile App.

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Learn How the Norwegian 4x4 App Works

Learn how to make the most out of your workouts with our comprehensive guide. Find out how the app can help you achieve your fitness goals with ease.

Calculate Your Target Heart Rate (HRmax)

Estimate your maximum heart rate based on age, weight and height. Knowing your HRmax is essential for effective training and cardiovascular health.

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