How It Works

Using the Norwegian 4x4 Protocol Mobile App

How 4x4 App Works

Follow these simple steps to get started with the Norwegian 4x4 App:

1. Home Screen

Open the app to access the home screen where you can start your workout.

Home Screen

2. Start Workout

Tap 'Start Workout' to begin your first interval. Follow the on-screen countdown.

Workout Started

3. Pause Workout

You can pause your workout anytime by tapping 'Pause Workout'. This is useful if you need to take a break or if something interrupts your session.

Workout Paused

4. Reset Workout

To restart your workout, tap 'Reset Workout'. This is useful if you want to start over or if you're experimenting with different interval intensities.

Workout Reset

5. Complete Workout

Once you finish the workout, you'll see a congratulatory message. This marks the successful completion of your session and tracks your progress.

Workout Completed

6. Share Results

Share your workout results with friends by tapping 'Share Results'. This feature lets you easily share your achievements on social media or with contacts.

Sharing Results

Download the App

Get the app now, download it for iOS or Android device of your choice. Start your fitness journey today and experience the benefits of structured interval training.

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Calculate Your Target Heart Rate (HRmax)

Estimate your maximum heart rate based on age, weight and height. Knowing your HRmax is essential for effective training and cardiovascular health.

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