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What is the Norwegian 4x4 Protocol?

The Norwegian 4x4 Protocol is a groundbreaking high-intensity interval training (HIIT) method designed to maximize cardiovascular health and endurance. This method involves four intense four-minute intervals at 90-95% of your maximum heart rate, each followed by a three-minute active recovery period. Backed by scientific research, the 4x4 Protocol is renowned for significantly boosting VO2 max, a critical measure of aerobic capacity.

Learn more about the benefits from experts: "Dr. Rhonda Patrick on Norwegian 4x4 Protocol", "HIIT for Marathon Runners", and "Understanding HIIT".

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Overcome Fitness Plateaus with Scientifically Proven Methods

Many fitness enthusiasts struggle to break through plateaus in their training. Traditional workout routines often lack the intensity and variety needed for significant progress. The Norwegian 4x4 Protocol addresses these issues by offering a high-intensity, scientifically-backed training method that ensures continuous improvement in cardiovascular health and overall fitness.

About the Norwegian 4x4 App

The Norwegian 4x4 App is your ultimate guide to implementing the 4x4 training protocol. Featuring easy-to-follow workout instructions, interval timing, and comprehensive progress tracking, our app is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Whether you're an athlete or a fitness enthusiast, our app offers the tools you need to maximize your training.

Learn How the Norwegian 4x4 App Works

Maximize your workouts with our comprehensive guide. Discover how the app can help you achieve your fitness goals with ease and efficiency.

Calculate Your Target Heart Rate (HRmax)

Estimate your maximum heart rate based on age, weight, and height. Knowing your HRmax is essential for effective training and cardiovascular health.

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